fellow co-worker getting maddy and myself into a little kiehls product launch. consisted of wine, delicious apps, and product samples. not too shabby of a tuesday night.



sundays consist of : west elm, liberty village, queen west, java house, hipster-spottings. oh, and yes, no sunday is complete without experiencing no frills.

…I Wanna Work in Advertising.


this is hilarious. i highly recommend taking the 2min38’s to watch it.

these are friggin’ adorable:…eBay, you tempt me.

my favorite thing about summer: how it’s socially acceptable to wear short [to very short short] denim cut-offs.

…only.. 3 months away? and that’s being a tad overly ambitious.

oh joy, oh canada.

there’s an art to dressing well. whoever claims otherwise just doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

for those who blindly follow trends – it ain’t a sure thing you’ll pull off that look you’re so desperately aiming to rock. comes down to: body type, AND attitude [IMHO].

take denim-on-denim. tread carefully – you’ll either succeed in pulling it off (like miss Aniston here; surprise, surprise) OR, look like you belong on a farm.

if all else fails, throw in a couple of hot, partially naked bodies, and you’ve got yourself an ad that is sure to catch an eye, or two.