i’m sure most of you are familiar with Chanel’s Jade nail polish… one of the hottest trends of the fall. which is/was impossible to buy.

well, i was in London last month. and thought i’d finally be able to buy the polish, as they don’t carry it in Canada, surprise surprise.

well – i go into Selfridges (which makes the Holt Renfrew in Ottawa look like sh*t) and go up to the Chanel counter all ready to buy the coveted nail polish. they’re sold out. they sold out in THIRTY MINUTES upon getting only 300 bottles. the sales person told me to check Ebay.. i thought she was kidding. apparently not, the Jade polish is going for.. wait for it… $104, and the bidding’s not over yet. ridiculous.

as an alternative, i ended up buying a pretty similar color made by Illamasqua (a british brand), for 10 pounds or so. the name: milf. yup.

i leave you with a comparison between the two nail polishes:

Chanel Jade :                                   Illamasqua Milf :