i’m not one of those crazy people who make intense new years resolutions.

BUT, in light of consistently making unwise decisions (to say the least) in regards to a) money, and b) boys; i decided to give it a shot this year. i vow to be more financially wise/frugal, and more boy-smart.

let me just quickly explain my bad habits: i go shopping knowing it’s a bad idea – the money for a Club Monaco sweater should really be put in the bank account. and boys, oh god.. i’m somehow attracted to the douchebag. by douchebag, let me specifiy. he is the boy who out-of-the-blue stops calling. who hacks into my facebook account shortly after the break-up and proceeds to write very immature and vulgar things. who breaks up with me over a text message (better or worse than the “post-it” Carrie Bradshaw was given – pretty close in my opinion). etc.

i’m also not the dilusional type. although i vow to be more financially smart, i’m not going to attempt to stop shopping altogether. that’s sheer madness. but, instead of buying, say, tights from club monaco, i’ll buy them from.. Joe Fresh. i was in Loblaws buying groceries today and i happened to make my way to the Joe  Fresh section. love it. i ended up limiting myself to one pair of patterned tights for… $6. a steal. (went into Fancy Sox yesterday.. and very similar tights were $28; grand savings of $22)

These are taken from the Joe Fresh spring 2010 collection at Toronto Fashion Week. very cute. well done Loblaws.