i find myself sitting, somewhat miserably, by the computer trying to decide on my future.

all signs are pointing the  school route… but..  i just finished FOUR years. don’t get me wrong, i loved McGill.. best four years of my life. but i put in my time, was given my (very expensive) piece of paper.. to which i find isn’t all that useful in the workforce. (thanks mom&dad for telling me over and over how employers are looking for grads with a bachelor of arts degree)

i don’t want to get stuck in some dead-end job, and look back in ten years thinking i was a fool for not sucking it up and going back to school.

i think my biggest problem is that i still don’t know WHAT exactly it is i want to be when i “grow up”… it’s holding me back from putting the time and money into school.

part of me is aching to use this time to travel, portugal and spain. pack my things, and just go. but the realist in me knows this probably isn’t the wisest – when i come back from my dreamworld i will be stuck with the same problem.

my favorite: sitting at a cafe, somewhere in europe, with the most delicious americano in hand. just sitting, people-watching. no troubles in the world. why can’t life be that easy? that simple.