tomorrow morning at 5:40 AM i am boarding the train for toronto (!!!!) i haven’t been in over 2 years (very embarrassing on my part.. ) and i am SO FREAKIN’ excited. get to see my bestie from university, catch up with some old friends, go SHOPPING, bars… all the good things.

i’m giddy just thinking about h&m and urban; living in ottawa i’m quite deprived of the basics. AND i get to experience kensington market for the first time.

hokay then. will hopefully be back with amazing steals, and stories.

….the 3 stooges; sadly Cal is having a hard life on the beaches, partying in tel aviv right now; so she will be missed this mcgill-reunion wknd. keels and i will do all in our power to wreak havoc without the third musketeer.