fell in love with the city of toronto this past week.

hipster central.  yorkville. queen west. kensington… need i say more?

went to my first NBA game. not a huuuuge basketball fan, but i wasn’t going to turn down the chance to see a bunch of delicious boys running around with gangsta music blasting, with beer in hand. good times had. (little known fact: bargnani, number 7 of the raptors – italian HOTTIE, lives in the same condo as my friend. we may or may not have been waiting by his parking spot trying to track him down.. )

lots of brunch. my favorite.

all-in-all, an amazing 3 days; and (very shockingly) didn’t break the bank.  my favorite purchase.. $13 sweater/shawl from kensington. it’s beautiful. i tried on the most gorgeous leather bomber from holt renfrew.. needless to say, i “resisted”/couldn’t afford it.

and, in accordance with true “rachel fashion” i took  minimal photogs. but whatevs, i’m pretty sure i’m going to be moving there very, very soon.. so it’s all good.

after our private tour of the brewery. semi-awkward photog.

super cute. keels and kim. some trendy/chill bar. experienced poutini’s BEFORE heading to the bar. deliciousness.

thank you TO for an awesome time, looking forward to becoming a torontonian.