yesterday was a productive day.

1) cleaned the room – this weekend it was given a much needed paint job. the dark purple was replaced with a creme beige; much more grown-up. it’s amazing what a new paint job and re-arranging of the furniture can do to a room.

2) went shopping.. which turned out to be very successful AND economical; usually the two don’t go hand-in-hand so i’m quite please with myself. i bought the fedora i had in mind and a NO NAME pair of black wayfarers, i thought it wise to withhold from the 300$ pradas and opt for the 10$ knock-offs.

3) probably the most exciting development of yesterday: i made the decision that i will be moving to toronto for september 1st. FOR SERIOUS. i’ve been talking about moving a lot, but yesterday i decided that i will give myself a definite moving date. given my irresponsibility with money, i figure having a specific date, i will have to start saving more, and spending less (eeeek) and it will actually happen.

fedora: $28. wayfarers: $10.