ok. so let me just put this out there: i am probably the worst, no wait – i am the worst at personal finances. budgeting is a foreign concept that i have yet to come remotely close to understanding. working in the restaurant business this past year did not help matters… walking out with cash every shift.. bank machine/savings account, say whaaaat?

well, i’m now reaching my third week without a paycheck and influx of cash, and i’m hurting. money’s coming out of the account.. but nothing (for the time being, until i get paid) is coming in.

in light of this new development, i’m going to take the time and try and be        f-i-n-a-n-c-i-a-l-y  p-r-u-d-e-n-t.

what does this entail?: hmmmm.. no more $5 overpriced starbucks lattes. no more buying outrageously priced sheer tops from club monaco/aritiza on a whim. no more blowing ridiculous amounts at the bar. no more eating out when i have a fridge stocked with food at home. no more cabbing – will learn to suck it up and make good use of the bus pass.

yeah.. this makes me cringe. but, i have discovered that some pretty amazing things can come out of being money conscious. this shirt for example, $5 from st. vincent de paul. love it, and it didn’t result in making me feel guilty buying.  WIN – WIN.