not sure how i missed this whole viral BMW thing… especially seeing as im a) in marketing, and b) [what i thought] a pretty big clive owen fan.

putting the fact that i apparently live in a hole aside…  BMW did a series of films – 8 to be exact – solely for the Internet in 2001 and 2002; The Hire.  directed by famous directors, and with clive owen as the star, they highlighted performance aspects of various BMW models. 

not yo’ typical marketing campaign.

if you find yourself like me and have not yet heard / seen of these, check out #5 – with Madonna, Clive; and directed by Guy Ritchie

pretty cool – too bad [so many] brands nowadays tend to be so focused on immediate ROI, and less so on taking chances & breaking out of the mold…

kudos BMW.

(sidenote: madonna freaks me out).