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there’s an art to dressing well. whoever claims otherwise just doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

for those who blindly follow trends – it ain’t a sure thing you’ll pull off that look you’re so desperately aiming to rock. comes down to: body type, AND attitude [IMHO].

take denim-on-denim. tread carefully – you’ll either succeed in pulling it off (like miss Aniston here; surprise, surprise) OR, look like you belong on a farm.


this song is everywhere.

just caught the video. watch it, listen to it, enjoy it:

i’m over the snow in ottawa, but would gladly take up the weather in utah.

elizabeth olsen has fantastic style:


….and the leather pants are once again spotted.

featured in V Magazine – Elizabeth Olsen.

just putting it out there – a tad (LOT) jealous of the Olsen genes.

im always late to the game; but…..

i love Andy Samberg; he has a way of making the most obscure, random things so ridiculous + funny..

check it: first single from The Lonely Island’s 2nd album –  Just Had Sex (feat. Akon, Blake Lively, Jessica Alba – yea, random)

words cannot do it justice, you must watch:

…my favourite’s still Like A Boss. a classic in my mind.

surprised starbucks employees haven’t started up some blog devoted to the Olsen Twins’ spottings; most fashion-forward-starbucks-coffee- addicts out there.

there’d be no shortage of pictures..

because, it’s always a fashion show.