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my favorite thing about summer: how it’s socially acceptable to wear short [to very short short] denim cut-offs.

…only.. 3 months away? and that’s being a tad overly ambitious.

oh joy, oh canada.


until i get some internet set up (in my TORONTO apart.. ):

this is your typical cliché blog post for this time of year:

….. things i want to accomplish in 2011.

2010 has been a pretty solid year -biggest accomplishment: landed my first, grown-up job; bye-bye land of uncertainty and serving –  hello world of mobile, marketing, and big city livin’ !

well, here it is, a few things i’d like to have crossed off this time next year:

  1. Learn to knit & sew;
  2. Learn to surf;
  3. Paint a canvas.
  4. Build on my [very] minimal cooking skils.
  5. Take up photography.
  6. …..Take more chances.

’tis the holiday chistmas season; and for some reason this equates to lounging on the couch with a cup of tea and good book in hand. below the 3 on my holiday reading list:

(not including Sex, Drugs, and Coca Puffs – halfway through, not sure how i feel about it – Chuck gets on my nerves… i get a very je-ne-sais-pas-quoi vibe from his writing…  )

The Age of Persuassion: How Marketing Ate Our Culture.

Narrative from the folks responsible for CBC Radio’s “The Age of Persuassion” setting out to show us how marketing shapes our culture..

Crossing The Chasm: Marketing & Selling High-Tech Products to Mainstream Customers.

(Pretty self-explanatory) Word is this is a classic. A must read. A bible. Etc..

Liar’s Poker.

Semi-autobiographical; on the author’s experience as a bond salesman on Wall Street in the ’80s..

…I’ve just started Liar’s Poker, and likin’ what I’ve read thus far, like his style. (there’s been some WTF moments in regards to some of the “Wall Street’esque-terms”, so will admit i’ve done some Wikipedia’ing)

happy reading y’all!

it’s actually happening… i can’t really believe it, the day has come – well, will come – moving to TORONTO, february 1st (!)

it’s been a long time coming.

can’t say i’m not scared for my bank account and safety (because my track record for decisions made in Toronto thus far’s been, uh… )

the countdown begins: 44 sleeps.

even weezy’s stoked about this..