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these are friggin’ adorable:…eBay, you tempt me.


it’s moving day in 20 (!!!)

needless to say, the past few weeks have been spent perusing the net for some deco-inspiration.

in a perfect world, my apartment would look like so:

owner of branding company Creed Strategic Imaging is lucky to be living here. oh, and minor extra detail: the loft happens to be in the heart of Soho, NYC. *sigh*

casual tuesday

…my casual look only takes me back… a lot.


Proenza Schouler Lace Tank
$325 –
Racerback tops »

Acne Admire Ankle Boot with Wedge
425 GBP –
Wedge heel »

Cashmere hue
1.500 DKK –
Cashmere hats »

fashion chalet blogged about this a little while back – hooded fishtail jacket, the dress and co.;

the word “love” often gets thrown around when discussing clothing; but i solemnly swear that i do love this jacket.

i dont know what it is about me right now, but i love all things black, and booties. (and fur, and gold jewelry, and patterned tights, and oversized scarves, and — A LOT).

take a looksy at these super cute booties:

… of all, the price tags won’t break the bank.

one of the tragedy’s of rich people these days… their inability to use their bank accounts to dress well. honestly – it pains me to see all this wasted potential.

if i had the funds right now, i’d dress head-to-toe in elizabeth & james.

how cute is this dress? the perfect holiday dress? yep.

just another reason why i love net-a-porter:

i’ve been on the look-out for a black, fitted, short, long-sleeved dress for quite some time.. and net-a-porter goes out and finds not only THE dress, but pairs it with the perfect all-round look. 

$110. sold.