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these are friggin’ adorable:…eBay, you tempt me.


i miss this.

i was recently informed by a friend that the bay has started to carry rachel roy’s collection, and that i should check it out because it suits my style. (rachel by rachel roy that is… so much more affordable)

beautiful collection. because of my poor state of finances, i only bought one top. which might i add was on sale… simple. black. gold. perfect summer top.

16 sleeps till i get my apartment.

so, so excited. sure, it will add to my (already intolerable) commute to work. but it’s the most adorable apartment, and it’s in my newfound favorite neighborhood of ottawa: centretown.

highlights: it’s got a faux-fire place and the cutest balcony, to which i will be instilling a hammock. sunday afternoons just got lazier.

politicians. men in suits. power. pshhh, who needs celebrities when we have politicians? especially when there’s so much juicy gossip surrounding their every move. and a hot boy with brains is much more appealing than just a pretty face.

my latest politically-minded crush: jon favreau, Assistant to the President and Director of Speechwriting. not a bad position, eh? much more than just pretty and well-dressed, this is one smart and ambitious boy. even more importantly, he’s found himself in political tabloids: a couple of years back there was a picture circulating of him grabbing the chest of a card-board cut out of Hillary Clinton. Oh, and he’s been linked to a former Maxim underwear model.

so yeah, recap: cute – well dressed – political – smart – and… not dull.