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there’s an art to dressing well. whoever claims otherwise just doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

for those who blindly follow trends – it ain’t a sure thing you’ll pull off that look you’re so desperately aiming to rock. comes down to: body type, AND attitude [IMHO].

take denim-on-denim. tread carefully – you’ll either succeed in pulling it off (like miss Aniston here; surprise, surprise) OR, look like you belong on a farm.


if all else fails, throw in a couple of hot, partially naked bodies, and you’ve got yourself an ad that is sure to catch an eye, or two.


these pictures speak for themselves:

…. is it too much to ask to find a guy who knows how to dress like this?

my shopping addiction is getting slightly out of hand, i have way too much time on my hands. i’ve managed to find some good steals though: scarf below, case in point; $15  aunt olives; denim jacket; $75 the gap.

alexander wang’s  resort 2010 collection.

taking chino to a more.. feminine & sexy level.

i love the gap.

it’s classic. it’s simple. it just works.

want: cute denim jacket. perfect for the spring.