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if all else fails, throw in a couple of hot, partially naked bodies, and you’ve got yourself an ad that is sure to catch an eye, or two.



surprised starbucks employees haven’t started up some blog devoted to the Olsen Twins’ spottings; most fashion-forward-starbucks-coffee- addicts out there.

there’d be no shortage of pictures..

because, it’s always a fashion show.

i’m an all-things-black lover… but must admit i have much love for this look,

went against the advice of my friends, and bought a [wildly overpriced, semi-obnoxious, fake] fur vest.

didn’t stop there… went one step further, and wore it as work attire.

Fashion is not frivolous. It is a part of being alive today.”   – Mary Quant.

i need to live in some far-off, remote village and learn to not obsess over the material things that in the grand scheme of things JUST. DONT. MATTER.

until then – let’s obsess over this jacket, shall we: