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fellow co-worker getting maddy and myself into a little kiehls product launch. consisted of wine, delicious apps, and product samples. not too shabby of a tuesday night.



sundays consist of : west elm, liberty village, queen west, java house, hipster-spottings. oh, and yes, no sunday is complete without experiencing no frills.

this picture : perfection.

it might in fact be my desktop background –

ALL i can think about.

beach. island. friends. boats. beer. shenanigans.

(cc: @mal_jones, @nicole_tdubu )

every year @mmmaddy invites us high school girlies over to her house for our Annual Wine Party. (this year  @Nicole_Tdubu joined in on the food, wine, and conversation.)

arrived “fashionably late” plus some; so sadly missed out on many of the dishes – lesson learnt.

a look at some of the foodies:

every now and again i find myself missing university life. where there were no responsibilities [edited: no REAL-life-impacting- responsibilities], it was the norm to go out 3, 4 times a week. and greasy saturday breakfasts at Place Milton were just short of a weekly routine. *sigh*

MSTRKRFT concerts…

bdp – where every Tuesday’s devoted to beer pong & cheap pitchers of Boreale

non-skeezy bars in dt montreal..

halloweens on crescent..

wknd trips to nyc..

and making our own fun at house parties..

but then again, i guess it’s kind of nice having an income, and not cramming for those 25 page papers.