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there’s an art to dressing well. whoever claims otherwise just doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

for those who blindly follow trends – it ain’t a sure thing you’ll pull off that look you’re so desperately aiming to rock. comes down to: body type, AND attitude [IMHO].

take denim-on-denim. tread carefully – you’ll either succeed in pulling it off (like miss Aniston here; surprise, surprise) OR, look like you belong on a farm.


Spring is almost, kinda here… although i’m eager to ditch the canada goose and salt stained boots in favor of flats and light sweaters, i’m a little nostalgic about putting aside the fur ’til next winter.

i shall miss you.

photographed: miss lian… who is always oh-so-stylish and chic.

taken right after experiencing crepes a-go-go.. between the delicious crepes and servers… pretty confident in saying i will be frequenting on a regular basis.

sufficed to say, i have some decently  very stylish friends.

the girls and i have joined the world of tumblr.

style. food. personality.

check it.


remember back in grade school when we had recess –

why did that stop? would do us all some good.

fashion chalet blogged about this a little while back – hooded fishtail jacket, the dress and co.;

the word “love” often gets thrown around when discussing clothing; but i solemnly swear that i do love this jacket.