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my favorite thing about summer: how it’s socially acceptable to wear short [to very short short]┬ádenim cut-offs.

…only.. 3 months away? and that’s being a tad overly ambitious.

oh joy, oh canada.


i’m pretty happy about the whole safari look being “in” this season:

1) huge khaki fan.

2) been in search of the perfect pair of cargos for the past two years, and finally scored the perfect pair from banana republic.

3) not sure if gladiator sandals are considered “safari,” but nonetheless, i love the pair i picked up from the south of france last summa.

4) love the attitude it personifies.

in general i find there’s a fine line between “want” and “need”. in my case, there’s no such line, just the complete lack of any self control. if i see something i want, i instantly feel like i must own said item.

next on my *need* list: brown straw fedora.

i know, i know, terribly trendy. but i love the look. would look lovely paired with my aviators or my soon-to-be-prada wayfarers.