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there’s an art to dressing well. whoever claims otherwise just doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

for those who blindly follow trends – it ain’t a sure thing you’ll pull off that look you’re so desperately aiming to rock. comes down to: body type, AND attitude [IMHO].

take denim-on-denim. tread carefully – you’ll either succeed in pulling it off (like miss Aniston here; surprise, surprise) OR, look like you belong on a farm.


i love my hunters. fact.

i  can say with 100% certainty the $140 i spent on my (green) hunters are one of my best shopping investments. at the time i thought spending over $20 on rainboots seemed a little ridiculous, but have since discovered they are so practical, especially for ottawa’s slushy winters, and i firmly believe they are quite stylish (i get stopped on the street numerous times for their praise – perhaps a showing of just how clueless ottawans are.. hmm). mulitpurpose wellies.. i’ve even worn them out to the bar on several occassions (again, a showing of ottawa’s scene – the fact that i can get away with wearing wellies at the bar)

celebs seem to be with me in their love for the hunters.

i’m sure most of you are familiar with Chanel’s Jade nail polish… one of the hottest trends of the fall. which is/was impossible to buy.

well, i was in London last month. and thought i’d finally be able to buy the polish, as they don’t carry it in Canada, surprise surprise.

well – i go into Selfridges (which makes the Holt Renfrew in Ottawa look like sh*t) and go up to the Chanel counter all ready to buy the coveted nail polish. they’re sold out. they sold out in THIRTY MINUTES upon getting only 300 bottles. the sales person told me to check Ebay.. i thought she was kidding. apparently not, the Jade polish is going for.. wait for it… $104, and the bidding’s not over yet. ridiculous.

as an alternative, i ended up buying a pretty similar color made by Illamasqua (a british brand), for 10 pounds or so. the name: milf. yup.

i leave you with a comparison between the two nail polishes:

Chanel Jade :                                   Illamasqua Milf :